With Shining3D's OneScan Pro, you can quickly and easily turn objects into printable 3D models. The very good scan quality will also meet the high demands of professional users.

The EinScan Pro is ideal for small and large models.
Small models up to 200 x 200 x 200 mm can be automatically scanned and digitized via the optionally available turntable (Industrial Pack). Here the scanner needs about 90 seconds for 360 ° scans.

In the Free-Scan, objects up to a size of 4000 x 4000 x 4000 mm can be scanned.

To scan full-colour 3D models, the optional Colour Pack is required.

The advantages of EinScan-Pro:

  • High flexibility - Stationary or mobile scanning possible
  • Scan objects from 3 cm - 4 meters
  • Precise scans (up to 0.05mm)
  • 4 different scan modes
  • Optional upgrades (Industrial Pack & Color Pack