PC Requirements:CPU: i7; RAM:16 G
Display card: Laptop-NVIDIA GTX serial cards higher than GTX960M;

The EinScan Pro+ including R2 software from Shining3D sets new standards in the area of ​​scan quality and repeat accurancy.

The device offers several scanning modes and is easy and fast to use thanks to the practical handheld design.

The innovations when compared to the EinScan-Pro:

  • Handheld High-Definition Scan combines detail accuracy with high 3D scanning speed.
  • The range of the single image scan was increased 1.6 times. This results in fundamental improvements in scanning speed and handheld scanning.
  • The new R2 Rapid Registration Software (included with the download) allows you to scan the Handheld Rapid Scan Mode using Targets / Reference Points. So far this was only possible in the HD scan mode.

The Advantages of the EinScan-Pro+ at a glance:

  • High flexibility - Free scan or handheld scanning possible
  • Scanning objects from 5 cm - 4 meters
  • Precise scanning (up to 0.05mm)
  • High speed
  • 4 different scan modes
  • Optional upgrades (Industrial Pack & Colour Pack)

The EinScan software version 2.0 is included in the delivery.

Delivery includes:

  • Shining3D OneScan Pro + Handheld Scanner
  • Shining R2 software via download
  • Software
  • Various cables

 NOTE: The tripod, the turntable and the Color Pack module, the monitor and the 3D models shown in the pictures are not included in the delivery.



Scan ModeHandheld HD ScanHandheld Rapid ScanAutomatic ScanFixed Scan
Single Shot Accuracy0.1 mm0.3 mm0.05 mm0.05 mm
Scan Speed550,000 points / sec450,000 points / secSingle scan: <2sSingle scan: <2s
Point Distance0.2 - 3 mm0.7 - 3 mm0.24 mm0.24 mm
Recommended Size of Scanned Object100-4000 mm150-4000 mm50-150 mm50-4000 mm
Alignment ModeMarkersFeature, MarkersMarkers, Feature, Turntable, Manual, Turntable Coded TargetsMarkers, Feature, Manual Align
Texture ScanNoYes (with purchase of Colour Pack)Yes (with purchase of Colour Pack)Yes (with purchase of Colour Pack)
Outdoor OperationNo (Avoid direct sunlight)
Special Scan ObjectFor a transparent, reflective or dark object, please powder spray prior scanning
Single Scan Area300 x 170 mm
Light SourceWhite light LED
Printable Data OutputYes
File FormatOBJ, STL, ASC, PLY
Turntable Loading Capacity5 kg
Scan Head Weight0.8 kg
OS System SupportWindows 7, 8 or 10, 64 bits
Sharing to SketchfabYes
Display Card
Display card: NVIDIA GTX660 or higher - Display memory: > 2GB, Processor :15 or higher, Memory Storage: 8GB or more